Friday, December 21, 2007

Randome Thoughts Vol. 6 : What In The Blue Hell???

It's once again time for some random thoughts folks... So now I am on boothrent... and the money I get throughout the time I'm working is mine so to speak.. so now it's a matter of keeping this danggone clientele up and on these books, and damn sure on the appointment tip. There are actually days that i'm wondering 'what the hell is wrong with me?' then I realize.. absolutely nothing... I am at the stage in life where everything seems to be a rollercoaster for no damn reason---oh well. Why did I have to curse the Navy Federal people out about some bullsh*t ass 38.00? I forgot about my loan payment, and ummm these fools asking stuff like do you have someone you can borrow it from?... I'm looking like ---> Hell Naw.. so I can owe someone else...? So buddy tried to keep asking me dumb questions in fifty ways about when I was going to pay or if I could... so I broke it down for him... "I understand your job is to call people and bug the hell out of them to get a payment.. but I can't give you something I don't have. I am not going to promise you a date... And I'm not about to sit on this phone going back and forth about what I don't got- to give you." this ass is going to interject- well you initiated the call and I swiftly let his ass know.. "Well ya'll called my phone and left a message..I returned the call- it's not like I'm ducking and dodging you, I told you my situation...which is: I ain't got it... so after that there is nothing else to be said...I'm not going to be homeless payng you, and I ain't about to go hungry to pay you either.. these are the breaks. You loaned a student- KEY WORD: STUDENT some money.. I have to get a little established to pay your asses back DUHHHHH. So I tell you what.. put this in your system.. when I get it you'll have it, you have a good day..." and hung up. Fukkaz. People do the dumbest sh*t daily!!! You know what else I have realized? Men who drive Mercedes are assholes. I haven't met one worth talking to more than 1 month. *smh* They seem to have this 'I think i'm better than any other man you've ever talked to syndrome' and most of the time.. they are among the low rankings as well. You chased me down...t'was not the other way around. I know 2 people off the top of my head who wish they was Nikki... AHAHAH!!! Don't people who don't know when to SHUT-UP get on your nerves??? I hate when people just be telling the kool-aid, pitcher size and flavor! Man- people need to learn how to be quiet sometimes. Why is you telling all the bisnas??? Speaking of telling the bisnas, I hate people act like they KNOW your damn bisnas and try to tell it... That's just pathetic. I am a grown woman and have no reason to lie about me or my life. If you want to know the real deal ask me.. Don't go looking for the E! true Hollywood version or try to tell it either Bastids! More random-ness to come...Payce.

"Some-times... Some-times...Sometimes I find..."- RZA

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