Friday, December 7, 2007

How Do You Think I Pay My Damn Bills?

You know what gets on my nerves more than leather seats in the summer? People who come into the shop wanting "goods and services" for the low low price of nothing. What makes you think that I can "afford" to give you my trades lovely tricks for free-99? How in the blue hell do you think I pay my bills? This fool... I mean DAMN fool came up inthe salon asking how much was it for a relaxer touch-up if they bring the perm? I said well I do not use box 'RELAXERS' first.. I use professional products. Relaxer touch-ups are 65.00 that includes a deep conditioning, trimming of the ends, and a flat iron (or wrap if preferred). Do you know this idiot gone say 'she don't need all that done.' Apparently she does if you're asking me questions... I said well she can do it at home for free if she already has a kit... but the price here is 65.00. Handed him a card and kept it moving. Now one thing I know is my manager has a golden rule about not letting "money walk out the door".. but there is some money that can walk far as I am concerned. As a first time client, what do I look like dropping my prices to nothing so I don't miss out? If anything, I just let them know that they can get over on me if they send me a sob story and say they can't afford it. Then I'm stuck with less money than I started with. How about no? I just be looking at these folks like.. how do you think I pay the cost of living? Just by being pretty? No.... I have to work-and this is my JOB. Let me explain how my job works... I am an independent contractor so to speak... Therefore, if I don't work, I don't get paid... If I don't come to work -TO GET work, I will not get paid... and messing with broke clientele who want me to stand on my feet slaving over their heads for free; will lead to me not getting, nor being paid. If I let every Julie..Timmy and Jane get over everytime I need to do a service, I will never have anything. I don't have the luxury of someone else paying all my bills to care about not charging the amount it really is. Besides why should I lower the cost of my quality work? You wouldn't be getting ripped off... my work is off the chain!!! So the next time you sit yourself down in a stylist's chair and have the absolute audacity to ask them to drop their price even when it's already cheap.....Just know that they are looking at you and asking you this question in their minds: How do you think I pay my damn bills??? *smh*

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