Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The excitement just don't stop..

Life is like a day at the amusement park with these funny fu-fu ass people... So now the crazy ex-girlfriend is going off in these tangents.. posting pics... and had the AUDACITY to put my name in one where his hair was combed... talking about "His hair looks so good... Thanks Nikki" the funny thing is.. if you look at the pic he look like he don't even want to be in it. Talk about desperate... I could see if the man was giving you false hope.. dreams.. even some light... but ummmm no. I was going to be an asshole and post a comment that said.. "I know it looked good...Looked so good that I messed it up that night" but I'd have to step down 3 years to do that... I just ain't even entertain it... It just pisses her off that I ain't tripping off what she does... She really wants me to respond no matter which way it comes (verbal... thru someone else.. or whatever) However, I won't give the child the satisfaction. I just laugh... keep it cordial, and keep it pushing.. it pisses her off that I ain't worried about her... As much as she try to hang in that boy face it's evident what's what... Ya'll ain't together & He don't want you..and if he is messing with you behind my back... that makes YOU the side piece. AWWWWWWWWWWW poor baby girl... now sweep your face off the floor and pick it up because it's cracked. While you're at it pick up some Pro-ACTIVE Super strength, and some neutrogena back and body acne wash to clear up that nasty skin. Looking like a piece of fried chicken; gritty, bumpy, and greasy. So boom- how about she logging in to his myspace account reading his sh*t too...I asked him if he got my message and he wasn't even logged in... yet the message was read? Can we say "stalkerish"? I better watch my back, this hoe might know where I stay. So I ensured since she was all up in it reading other things I sent him... I sent one about the earrings he bought me.. :read that. Nosey ass...*smh* This mess is hella funny. *smh- again*

"What's the matter with your life.. why you gotta mess with mine.. don't keep sweating what I do- cuz I'm gonna be just fine..."

None of Your Business- Salt-N-Pepa

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