Friday, November 9, 2007

the BBB actually does work!

You know I once thought that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) was a bunch of hoop-la til I had to make a complaint about a business. These mutha's mean business and they play no games. They tried to tow me.. I caught them.. I would have paid the 89 to "drop" it and the driver lied and said he's meet me at the exit.. then took off as I was coming out of my apartment with the money!? So I had to pay 300+ bucks to get my car because he felt like being a jerk??? Oh hail to the naw!!! I think I submitted a complaint about a tow company named WESTERN- basically doing a bandit tow on my car and here we are about 2 weeks later with a FULL refund from the crap ass tow company, of what it cost to tow my car and recover it from the yard... Because I told it like it was...They are a sh*tty company with sh*tty workers.. this probably happens all the time which is why I haven't gotten a response from them since I talked to their so called dispute manager who ALSO lied and never returned any of my calls... So you thought you made money off me but lookie here.. you made NADA, and got a bad buzz on your company.. Up Yours western. Can I get A WHOO-RAH!!!? (I took it back huh? )

On to other things goings on... Well this has been a pretty good week for me clientele wise.. I have 2 weaves to do tomorrow... and so far have had a person in my chair every day, and from most stylist who say: "starting out that's damn good... " Either way I want it to pick up and continue I miss the El cajon location, but it's some money to be made here downtown... YESSIR!!! Please believe this sistah will do it.. My new hair family consists of a cool set... We work in a cool little environment, and being that it's downtown it's always something going on! Makes for entertainment.. and will more than likely give me more things to write about in my blogs like...: Today as I was going to get some change I guess it was a Pimp talking to his Hoe... She had on this tigblaskirt (exactly it was too tight to say in spaced words) and all I heard him say was... I don't want no apologies.. just get out there and do what you gotta do... At that point I promptly took my snapple and left.. I mayda got slapped for my snapple, and I was thirsty. Anyway, I will certainly keep ya'll posted on the new.. Holla 4 a dolla~

"Really? Is that what you're going to do...?"

- Akasha (Aaliyah)

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