Saturday, October 27, 2007

If I Don’t Need A Reality Show... Who Does?

You know I seriously need a reality show for the mess that happens in my life... From car jacks... To retarded female assumptions.. to men.. to crazy ass ex women dropping in on my J-O... MY ASS needs a reality show. I mean how much buh-shit can one go through or do I have to go through... before she gets a show dammit!? ANYWAY.. my life is so hectic. Shop life is pretty cool. I am working in a salon where everyone is like family.. nobody doing dos muchachos and we all get along.. so I am sure down the line we shall argue like family too *lol* Oh well.. Just wishin' for the best. As of now I am trying to maintain in Daygo, but VA is becoming an option.. I have folks willing to help me out there. However, being cute doesn't pay the rent.. not unless I meet a sucker *lmao* and you know that ain't gonna happen.. all those guys are taken MWAHAHAH!!! So outside of that.. My daughter is loving 1st grade, and I am glad she's not having any issues... my mom is hanging tuff being a mom for my baby while mom is trying to be on the grind here... *sigh*One day we'll make it out the hood.

"I just gotta make it"- Gotta Make It- Trey Songz

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