Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dont Hate Me.. Cuz you Ain't Me...

You know.. I have grown a lot.. developed some thoughts, ideas, and plain old theories of my own. Funny thing is I am about to start applying a few new ones to my day-to-day life. Let me share some of these things with you all.

1- Do not stoop to the levels of those who act beneath you-for you shall have back problems if you do::: You know, I have been applying this one already but I opted to share this with you guys. There are so many people looking to talk bad, bring you down, and plain old HATE on you. Sometimes with reason, other times without. Folks who don't have nothing going...hate to see people who are doing something or have something going for themselves- be happy. It's just how life is.. so get used to it. It's always something negative to be said... However comma the best way to combat HATE is to LOVE. Kill them with kindness.. They HATE THAT SHIT.. because it exposes how silly they are. When they mean mugg- Smile at them... When they speak on you- Ignore what they say... When they think they are dragging you down...- Tell them to look up so you can wave at their asses... It's that simple. When people see you don't give 2 SH*TS about what they "think", they either leave you alone...Keep on yappin'- yet never realize how immature they look, or find someone else to be concerned with. When folks do not have lives, they tend to consume themselves with others...Look at it that way. People are bored like that and until they find a hobby, that's just they way it is. To that I say F-em.

2- My time is not to be played with::: When someone is spending time on you.. you need to show them that you are WORTH that time being spent. I'm the kind of person that will vocalize when I feel like my time is not being appreciated.. values are not being upheld, or you're plain slippin'. So if I hit you with the "thanks for playing... try again" it should come as no surprise. One can never say I didn't tell them so. My time is precious- I can think of fifty other things to do than bullsh*t with people. I have been doing a lot of cleaning up in my personal life... When I feel like I am not being appreciated- you better make way because it's not going to be pretty. To that I say- do not become part of the debris because you will be spotted and removed.

3- Problems are only as big as you let them become::: YOU are in control of YOU... You have no control over anyone but yourself! People will be people... they are rude, disrespectful, foolish, stupid, annoying, hardheaded, and any other word you can think of. You control who YOU are. If you tell someone to do something- they have 2 choices... they are either going to do it or they aren't. From then on you make the decision to take whatever action is needed. I personally like the ignore button. it works so well. No need to let anyones actions influence how my day goes. Nobody has that effect on Niks...I say: I will be happy with or without ya.

4- I don't give a fuck if you like me or not::: Now this is one I have had to make clear for a long time coming. I don't give a whoot if you talk about me... look at me.. or hell spread a rumor about me. Long as you don't touch me.. you can do whatever makes you FEEEEEEEL Good. YOU are a human, you put ya drawls on the same ways I do, and breathe air just like me. Why should I care??? You do not have a remote control over what I feel. I am a hella cool person, if you choose to acknowledge that; fine.. if not, that is fine also. I simply don't understand for the life of me why folks act like I should give a fuck if they don't like me. I am A BAD BITCH... disliked by plenty... Hated by some...but yet in still confronted by none. There are some things I can't help and EXCRUSE me if I sound all up on myself- I know I am cute... wait... scratch that- I am smart.. I have accomplished a lot in my lifetime... Still working on things, letting nobody stand in my way... I'm no pushover, and I tell shit like it is. I'm not on the la-la-la, and please let's not forget; I am a lady(a lot of females are not!) even when the situation calls for me to act out of character... I don't, because my mama taught me better than that. So for those who don't get it- Get a job. Maybe one day you can be your own person and understand life don't stop to the tic or toc of your thoughts & ironically, neither do I. Excuse me if I'm feelin' myself...

More pearls of wisdom to come.. YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!

"I don't fancy you too much child.. I don't fancy you too much child"

Fancy- Destiny's Child

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