Saturday, October 27, 2007

If I Don’t Need A Reality Show... Who Does?

You know I seriously need a reality show for the mess that happens in my life... From car jacks... To retarded female assumptions.. to men.. to crazy ass ex women dropping in on my J-O... MY ASS needs a reality show. I mean how much buh-shit can one go through or do I have to go through... before she gets a show dammit!? ANYWAY.. my life is so hectic. Shop life is pretty cool. I am working in a salon where everyone is like family.. nobody doing dos muchachos and we all get along.. so I am sure down the line we shall argue like family too *lol* Oh well.. Just wishin' for the best. As of now I am trying to maintain in Daygo, but VA is becoming an option.. I have folks willing to help me out there. However, being cute doesn't pay the rent.. not unless I meet a sucker *lmao* and you know that ain't gonna happen.. all those guys are taken MWAHAHAH!!! So outside of that.. My daughter is loving 1st grade, and I am glad she's not having any issues... my mom is hanging tuff being a mom for my baby while mom is trying to be on the grind here... *sigh*One day we'll make it out the hood.

"I just gotta make it"- Gotta Make It- Trey Songz

Friday, October 12, 2007

Anybody Licensed in the house???

SO as of 3 p.m. October 11th, 2007 I became an officially licensed cosmetologist!!! I am sooooOOoooOOoo happy this wild journey is over and done. Now it's really time to make things happen. It was a rush to know that it was FINALLY over for real. Man.. I feel great!!!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dont Hate Me.. Cuz you Ain't Me...

You know.. I have grown a lot.. developed some thoughts, ideas, and plain old theories of my own. Funny thing is I am about to start applying a few new ones to my day-to-day life. Let me share some of these things with you all.

1- Do not stoop to the levels of those who act beneath you-for you shall have back problems if you do::: You know, I have been applying this one already but I opted to share this with you guys. There are so many people looking to talk bad, bring you down, and plain old HATE on you. Sometimes with reason, other times without. Folks who don't have nothing going...hate to see people who are doing something or have something going for themselves- be happy. It's just how life is.. so get used to it. It's always something negative to be said... However comma the best way to combat HATE is to LOVE. Kill them with kindness.. They HATE THAT SHIT.. because it exposes how silly they are. When they mean mugg- Smile at them... When they speak on you- Ignore what they say... When they think they are dragging you down...- Tell them to look up so you can wave at their asses... It's that simple. When people see you don't give 2 SH*TS about what they "think", they either leave you alone...Keep on yappin'- yet never realize how immature they look, or find someone else to be concerned with. When folks do not have lives, they tend to consume themselves with others...Look at it that way. People are bored like that and until they find a hobby, that's just they way it is. To that I say F-em.

2- My time is not to be played with::: When someone is spending time on you.. you need to show them that you are WORTH that time being spent. I'm the kind of person that will vocalize when I feel like my time is not being appreciated.. values are not being upheld, or you're plain slippin'. So if I hit you with the "thanks for playing... try again" it should come as no surprise. One can never say I didn't tell them so. My time is precious- I can think of fifty other things to do than bullsh*t with people. I have been doing a lot of cleaning up in my personal life... When I feel like I am not being appreciated- you better make way because it's not going to be pretty. To that I say- do not become part of the debris because you will be spotted and removed.

3- Problems are only as big as you let them become::: YOU are in control of YOU... You have no control over anyone but yourself! People will be people... they are rude, disrespectful, foolish, stupid, annoying, hardheaded, and any other word you can think of. You control who YOU are. If you tell someone to do something- they have 2 choices... they are either going to do it or they aren't. From then on you make the decision to take whatever action is needed. I personally like the ignore button. it works so well. No need to let anyones actions influence how my day goes. Nobody has that effect on Niks...I say: I will be happy with or without ya.

4- I don't give a fuck if you like me or not::: Now this is one I have had to make clear for a long time coming. I don't give a whoot if you talk about me... look at me.. or hell spread a rumor about me. Long as you don't touch me.. you can do whatever makes you FEEEEEEEL Good. YOU are a human, you put ya drawls on the same ways I do, and breathe air just like me. Why should I care??? You do not have a remote control over what I feel. I am a hella cool person, if you choose to acknowledge that; fine.. if not, that is fine also. I simply don't understand for the life of me why folks act like I should give a fuck if they don't like me. I am A BAD BITCH... disliked by plenty... Hated by some...but yet in still confronted by none. There are some things I can't help and EXCRUSE me if I sound all up on myself- I know I am cute... wait... scratch that- I am smart.. I have accomplished a lot in my lifetime... Still working on things, letting nobody stand in my way... I'm no pushover, and I tell shit like it is. I'm not on the la-la-la, and please let's not forget; I am a lady(a lot of females are not!) even when the situation calls for me to act out of character... I don't, because my mama taught me better than that. So for those who don't get it- Get a job. Maybe one day you can be your own person and understand life don't stop to the tic or toc of your thoughts & ironically, neither do I. Excuse me if I'm feelin' myself...

More pearls of wisdom to come.. YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!

"I don't fancy you too much child.. I don't fancy you too much child"

Fancy- Destiny's Child

Monday, October 1, 2007

A Day In The Life Of A T.A.H...

Okay so we are all up to date on the drama involving this chick who backed up into my car and then tried to act like she couldn't pay me. So thinking this issue is resolved... there is apparently another issue. A man issue... This heffer thinks I am messing with this guy (mind you whom is married, and couldn't get it no way) though this chick doesn't have the balls even though she looks like a man.. enough to ask me if I did. I have no reason to lie to you about anything I've done.. I am a grown ass woman. Anyway so she sitting up in the club the past few weeks, mean muggin, looking all salty like someone took a bite out of her tuna sandwich, and drank up her capri-sun... Instead of asking me she's assuming because form another individuals lips comes.. one of homeboy's friends said he was messing with me. I'm looking like uh no.. he wants to mess with me, and he's been trying for goodness knows how long.. but uh-no. So anyway since this hooker been acting all out of pocket talking extra shit when she's out and about... always talking about how hard she is yet never finds the time to get in my face with it. She keeps a distance and is constantly yapping behind the homegirl. I don't have time for that.. I am a lady at all times...ha ha ha.. Anyway, the buck-toof bitch owes me money, and I was calling to find out how this transaction was going down.. especially since she have an attitude.. you ain't in the clear heffa. So I called her phone and left a message as I knew she wouldn't be woman enough to answer, nor say nothing to my face. I simply said, "I know you need to pay me, so you need to let me know how we handling this transaction... bye" and left it at that. Do you know all of 15 minutes later this goofy lookin' bitch gonna send me a text saying "Why ur you contacting me & harrassing me when I have my court papers to pay you on the 7th of the month. PS I don't like you & you ur a trick ass hoe" LMAO!!! Wow, now I am a trick ass hoe because dudes you fukked with are taking interest in me...? Bitch you ain't my homegirl... you the friend of a friend, and if you messed with a dude fifty years ago, why does it bother you what he's doing? Especially when it ain't true...The last time I checked, hoes pay pimps.. bitch have my money. So anywho to continue the story I laughed and sent her a text message back... I simply said, "Ain't nobody harrassing you your first payment was due on the 7th as you're broke.. the rest are due on the first... You're so damn immature you need to grow up. I don't get down with name calling, but you just make sure you got this 'HOES' money." So she wanna send me a message saying, "Please don't contact me if you want to contact me go through the court" I said, "Again, have my money or I will go through the court, you already know I have no problem doing so..." and then her little tune in the text changed. " I will have your money please do not contact me." WOW...These bitches can't be serious!!!!! So I am just dying laughing because this female who claims to love no muthafukka, and is oh so hard is letting her emotions show so much it's not even funny! It's not my fault you look like you fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Face lookin' like someone beat you with a bag of pennies , and none of the men you ever messed with want to admit messing with you. I guess the icing on the cake is DB... as way back when that must have happened also... but again that's your issue not mine.. if you don't care why are you so admant on staring at us in the spot? Why you so concerned about what we do? Why you coming in the club at 11 pm with shades on? Why is you acting like a child??? Hating on me 'cause some dude you messed with is in my grill, ain't even smelled my panty liner wants to... and his friend done lied to you and told you he has. Fukkaz have fantasies about being with Nikki... How about you be a woman and ask if you wanna know? You ain't nobody to lie to... If I messed with him I did... If I didn't-I didn't. Either way this old duck lookin' bitch know she stupid. I would have saved all the extras for a later date... You're the one getting pimped...hoe. You paying ME. This old manly wench better step lightly.. Ol' fake, OVERLY bite having, crispy critter, lookin' like she climbed out a sewer, wanna be Belizean broad....See, she gonna make all my ethnicity come out. Anyway... I hate fake bitches. Oh yeah... and I was all of those things yesterday... but mind you she sure didn't bring her ass out last night. Hmmmm. Scary bitch.

"When you roll up to the club and them hoes wanna mugg... when you step up to they face what they gon do? SHIT"

What U Gon Do- Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys