Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Important Day For Me...

Yesterday at 8 pm I officially completed 1600 hours in Cosmetology. Though none of my family attended my graduation... due to other circumstances... I had family in the people who were there. It was such a breath of fresh air to know that the longest and hardest part was finally over... One last stepping stone left, which is state board (Oct 11th) then on to world where the sky is the limit! I told myself that I wasn't going to cry, but I teared up when people got up and spoke about me... I was almost shocked to see how much these people I have spent the last 1-15 months with actually cared for me and were going to miss me. Heck, there were freshmen who just came to the school YESTERDAY and didn't know me from Adam,, outside of speaking to them kindly their first day... saying goodbyes, and brought things for me... Weird huh? I guess I am a people person... Either way... hell, I am going to miss them too... I am sure tomorrow- well today actually, is going to feel extra weird knowing that I don't have to put on that all black uniform, get out the door by 1:30 or JEEZE pray I don't have some randumb client waiting for me.. I have to go for a job interview basically tomorrow, and see if I am feeling this shop.. if so. your girl might be staying in SD if things flow right.... we'll see. Again, to my friends on here whom read my blogs and what not.. Thank you for coming to show support, and plain being who you are... I wouldn't have gotten through without some of you guys to joke with, talk with or plain start a riot with. I am going to miss you all so very much.. but it's not the end.. just means we can PARTY real hard now Stay in touch.. and you know I'll do the same! Good night folks.. and thank you for coming with me on this long ride... It is, and has been so worth it. *muah*

"Cuz I don't wanna leave.. but I gotta go right now...I'll be back before you know it..."

"I Gotta Go"- Trey Songz

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