Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Important Day For Me...

Yesterday at 8 pm I officially completed 1600 hours in Cosmetology. Though none of my family attended my graduation... due to other circumstances... I had family in the people who were there. It was such a breath of fresh air to know that the longest and hardest part was finally over... One last stepping stone left, which is state board (Oct 11th) then on to world where the sky is the limit! I told myself that I wasn't going to cry, but I teared up when people got up and spoke about me... I was almost shocked to see how much these people I have spent the last 1-15 months with actually cared for me and were going to miss me. Heck, there were freshmen who just came to the school YESTERDAY and didn't know me from Adam,, outside of speaking to them kindly their first day... saying goodbyes, and brought things for me... Weird huh? I guess I am a people person... Either way... hell, I am going to miss them too... I am sure tomorrow- well today actually, is going to feel extra weird knowing that I don't have to put on that all black uniform, get out the door by 1:30 or JEEZE pray I don't have some randumb client waiting for me.. I have to go for a job interview basically tomorrow, and see if I am feeling this shop.. if so. your girl might be staying in SD if things flow right.... we'll see. Again, to my friends on here whom read my blogs and what not.. Thank you for coming to show support, and plain being who you are... I wouldn't have gotten through without some of you guys to joke with, talk with or plain start a riot with. I am going to miss you all so very much.. but it's not the end.. just means we can PARTY real hard now Stay in touch.. and you know I'll do the same! Good night folks.. and thank you for coming with me on this long ride... It is, and has been so worth it. *muah*

"Cuz I don't wanna leave.. but I gotta go right now...I'll be back before you know it..."

"I Gotta Go"- Trey Songz

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Random Thoughts Vol. 5: It's Gettin' real...

Ahhh, glad you have tuned in to read more thoughts that cross my mind... On with the randomness. So... am I the only one who see's these advertisements which are trying to sell you something or win/give you something free if you.. click the hell out of the button to "get to the gold.. fight the sumo wrestler...feed Nicole Ritchie... Shave some chick's legs... or hell even pluck nose hairs? Yeah.. I thought so. I am still amazed at Miss Teen USA from S.C.... anyone surprised? Doubted it. You know, as much as I know I want to do hair full time.. Nicole is aware that until that "faithful" base clientele is right... I need a real damn job.. and yeah I am shooting for my regular 'IT' field when it comes to that...So 10 bucks an hour ain't cutting it. *For Taressa* You know there are times when I wake up early in the morning at say... 7:00-8:00 am and then I realize... what the hell am I up for? I don't got a job, and then, I promptly go my ass, back to sleep. Sometimes it's lazy and sometimes it's not. Speaking of a job.. I do apply like hell when I am searching... I will even apply for things I know I don't do.. hell- the most they can say is; sorry, you're not what we are lookin' for... Oh well. Moving along You wanna know what does piss me off about posting my resume...? When those f-in' technical recruiting companies call me. For those who do not know... Say a "client" has an available job.. the job of the staffing company is to find you, recommend you, possibly place you, and if the job is paying say... 20 dollars an hour.. you'll only be gettin' about 15 of it... because they are getting a cut for your work. They tell you all about the damn "job that is available" and then won't tell you what company. Why in the hell are you asking me if I would like a job if you can't tell me who the company is? I mean to be honest, I'm trying to get in line with CACI... Lockheed-Martin... SPAWAR...General Dynamics... SAIC... some muggs who want to pay me what I'm worth... Not some rinky dink company who just looking for someone to plug up their computers. This heffa called here the other day with that hoopla.. asking me fifty million questions, and then when I asked her that question- she said she couldn't tell me what client it was.. So I promptly asked, "Is this a staffing company?" She replied, "Yes it is..." I said "Well, I don't do staffing companies... and if you can't tell me who the job is with, then you do not need all my info." Then I righteously took my unemployed hand away from my ear, and pressed the 'talk' button, and hung up on her ass. Hell off my phone with that carrot on a stick act. F*gg a middle man... I will recruit and staff my damn-self. So... as an up and coming stylist it is my job to point out some things that I am getting tired of seeing. I am tired of having people come into this school(Which I only have about 3 weeks left at YAY!!!!!!!) asking for 65 dollar styles and only paying 20 bucks then having the nerve not to tip. How about I done started getting ghetto about my ends? Come through the back, sit in my chair, get hooked up, and you can pay me for my services in doing your hair. I no longer owe the school any requirements, so at this point I'm just making B.V some money. Screw that! I am tired of folks coming in there telling the person who has been doing this, or is in school FOR this; how to do their damn job. Why are you here if you feel like you need to tell me how to do it? Go to a salon where they are "licensed professionals" and you can feel comfortable enough to shut the hell up in their chair and let them do what they do. I mean, if you can do this better- take your ass home and do it. At least you won't be working my freakin' nerves asking me some retarded question everytime I do something you ain't used to seeing... Or not letting me COMPLETE what I am doing before making requests. "Can you unravel the rod like a spiral...?" "That isn't going to weigh it down is it?" "I thought you were going to..." SHUT THE FUCK UP. I had to tell a client on friday. "Can I do my job? . I still have to go through.. separate these curls and things...Pretty much adjust what has to be adjusted... If you don't like the 'end result'- then you can tell me what you want to change, but til then...Let me finish. I don't tell you how to do your job, so don't tell me how to do mine. Thank you." Mind you she loved the end result. Jeeze, it's all in technique people.. everyone does not do hair the same.. nobody starts the same or finishes the same... Let me do my damn job. It also annoys me to no end when I see someone who's hair looks like a rats nest and they come in there talking about they do hair too. Yeah okay. At least you could have came in with a little more than that happening on your head. I trip-out on these customers who even are so cheap to the degree that they already are trying to look for someone else as soon as you leave school to do their hair. What I look like handing my money off? You'll just have to come in and get your test trial on. What ever happened to faithful and loyal clients? If you just sat in my chair and got your hair done... then said it never looked that good before.. why would you go back to trial & tribulation hairstyling just because you'll have to pay about 15 dollars more than you would at a school after I go to a salon? Talk about cheap. I find a great stylist.. I stick with them. WTF? Over.

"You call me like I'm supposed to be alone... but I've moved on so stop wasting time. You should know by now someone's in my life.. you're the last thing that crosses my mind..."

You Don't Give A Damn About Me- Tyrese