Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Problem With Being Nice...

The problem with being nice is.. you simply cannot be nice to everybody. Let me give you the run down. About a month and a half ago, a female I know through a mutual homegirl backed up into my bumper because she was not looking before she backed up(drinking mind you) ... Thank goodness I knew her/where she lived and things, because she sholl tried to pull off like it didn't happen. Claiming she thought it was one of the guys she was talking to... Anyway, she's crying and praying to Bejeezus I didn't call the police, her insurance company, and that she'll pay me the money to get it fixed...Just in so many words not to "turn her ass in". So being that I know this chicks info, and all that I considered her situation as well, and told her she needs to pay me what it's going to cost to get it fixed in a reasonable amount of time. She agreed to do just that. So as someone who watches too many judge shows, I know better than to only take someones word and walk... I have seen one too many people get screwed out of what was owed simply because they didn't have nothing on paper. So I said I'll be damned if that's me again... especially after the my car got stolen situation. I went home and the next day typed up a letter basically stating that she was aware that she is at fault for the damage to my vehicle, I gave her an estimate of what it costs to fix it, and she'll have been had my pay to me by a NLT date... with a name and signature. So she puts herself in the position to say June 14th half then and no later than June 28th for the rest. Being that she didn't contest to signing it or anything I kinda figured, maybe...just maybe she's a woman of her word; but better safe than sorry. So I made no more mention of it because you claim to be a person of integrity...and that was May 14th. So, mind you in the meanwhile she wanting me to hang out with her, pick her up because now she knows she don't need to be drinking and driving, and things... I didn't have an issue with it, because I'd rather you get a ride than lose your license, car, or life... for doing something as dumb as getting behind the wheel knowing you're twisted. So the 14th of June comes, and what does she do? She calls me to tell me she doesn't have ANYTHING. Not even 25 bucks.So she's apologizing and asking if I can wait until September? I basically said excuse me.. who do I look like? Foo-Foo the Fool? If you ain't even came up with half, not even a quarter of what you owe me, what the hell do I look like waiting a few more months for you to tell me you still don't have it??? Then you'll want me to wait until December? I said, well we tried to do it your way, which was pay me, you have nothing- so I am saying you need to come up with before September...something can be 100 here and there and 50, but we can keep track... So she start going into how much debt she's in and this and that... but I'm un-sympathetic at this point, because first she trying to talk to me like I'm not a vet with fast talk. If you got money to go get your hair braided which out here is like 150-180 dollars, hang out and drink up in the club, then you can come up with my money to get my car which JUST got fixed not too long ago, back in the condition it was before you backed your drunk ass up into it. Trust me had I called the police at that time you'd be paying more like 10 G's, with no car, or license after the fact- opposed to 700... So it'd behoove you to come up with my money... Now I'm feeling like a pimp and I gotta brush my shoulders off. So then the conversation starts turning stupid, because she wants to try to make irrelevant factors part of the equation... I wouldn't have gotten behind me if I knew I was drunk... Well it could have been anybody behind you- you are supposed to look before you back up. Again this conversation is getting dumb- again you need to find some kind of way to pay me my money back before the 28th... So she asks why it costs so much like I didn't give her an estimate. She's too busy being overly concerned with why it costs so much because the car is a '94... I'm like it doesn't matter what the year of the car is... that is how much it costs... have you seen how much it costs to fix a '64 Impala??? That's just how much it costs and you need to come up with it. So she says, "Well I'm just saying I don't see why it costs so much" and I told her look at the estimate and you'll see why... again this is starting to get dumb. I don't owe you and explaination of why it costs anything, but to help you put the pieces together where that estimate came from is the same place my car just came from after it was recovered form being stolen... So I ain't taking my car to Julio or TJ to get fixed, it's going back to the same place it just came from... again you need to come up with that 7 hun... " So she start getting really ignorant... talking about "Well I didn't say you had to explain, but there ain't no reason to get mad, I mean if you not woman enough to just tell me you're mad, fine.. again I just was asking and telling you I think it's too expensive.." SO I put it to her ass plain and simple... I really don't care what your opinion is...and know you're not sitting up here questioning what I'm woman enough to do... I don't owe you anything... not a dime nor an explaination but you're pissing me off talking sh*t like I put you in your situation. You put yourself there, so you need to be woman enough to own up to what you did, and get my money..." and I hung up on her ass.
So what I think she was doing and thinking was she had talked to someone and they must have thought it was too much, and they hyped her brain up to think I'm gonna back down... and I also think she thought if we had a fall out she'd be off the hook. No bitch no, now I'm really serious about getting my money from you. Mind you that same evening she must have came down off Dumb Cloud 13 and left this long winded message about trying to have something by Sept. again (like I said that was okay) and she apologize for being on the ignorant ealier.. and I disregarded it for what it was.. A sorry attempt to pat me on the back and hope I don't take her ass to court.
So now I have had to take other factors in before I did what I did today... How are you chillin' in the club if you so broke...? Whether you pay to go or not... I wouldn't go anywhere I knew I frequented knowing I owe you money... Buying me a beer like that's gonna make admends Nope, you still owe me money by the 28th... You have no kids so it's not like I'm taking from them... You don't wanna get a second job, that'll have me paid off between 5-7 weeks... So basically you just want to pay me when you want to, and you don't seem to be in any rush to do so either...Fuck that and Fuck you. (Fuck you.. pay me)
What put the icing on the cake is.. I went out last night with the homegirl... and how about she came up there... not only did she come up there, but didn't say too much of nothing to me? As if she's in the clear or something... I was just looking like
SO- I had & have no remorse for what I did at 9:44 am today... I went right on up to the court house, discussed the situation, showed the proof and evidence, and handled my business. Filed them papers, and she will be getting served like B2K... I will see you in court on the 9th of August. because waiting on you, I'll never get my car fixed. So anyway, this is the kind of sh*t i'm talking about. This is the problem with being nice. You can't be nice to everybody. Oh well...
"This is business.. it ain't personal..."
It Ain't Personal- R. Kelly & Jay-Z

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Difference Between A Little Girl and a Grown Woman...

Everyday people opt to take the Blue pill... but you know me.. I am all about the Red... Ain't no sense in lying to folks about anything. Hell, it's no sense in lying to yourself either. If you messed up, you messed up, if you forgot, you forgot, if you got played, you got played. Get over it...

This chick shot me her number like I was going to back down from my position in this WTF situation that some light was shed on about 2 weeks ago... I am a woman about mines, and I called forth some stuff that needed to be clarified. She saw the evidence herself yet is steady trying to take the Blue pill on the scenario... Wanting me to send my photo's to her, as if she didn't see them, worried if homie ringing my line, yet he supposedly calling her every second...What difference does it make child? Be a woman and be honest with yourself... If you want to deal with him.. deal with his ass... Just swallow the red pill, understand you was getting lied to and played, and then carry on with dealing with the bull... Just move on. No matter how many "baby please's" I get hit with I have nothing established with you after a year and some change to want you back after something like this... A woman of integrity would see that. A grown woman would also add the numbers up and ask herself... If Nikki was nobody, why has she been around for 4 years? Why did you bring her up to me when I first met you? Why was you calling her when you was in my company when we met? Why doesn't he have anything to say about this??? PLEASE. Woman up, and deal with it... You got played.

Funny thing is.. this chick had me on her friends list, and she removed me like it was going to hurt my feelings... and apparently felt the need to make it known she "cleaned house"... Why couldn't you just remove me and keep pushing? That would be too womanly I suppose. Either way I thank her for doing that because I was just talking to Liz saying I need to delete her... she did it for me... People always claim to have "cleaned up" house and moved on with things yet, never understand what has to be prim and polished. Your mind ain't right if you're playing with the idea of opting to deal with the same bullsh*t... A lie is a lie... No matter how you find out about it... No matter how it is presented to you... Folks don't bring things to your attention FOR attention, they bring it to your attention for you to open up your eyes and see sh*t for what it is! I hope you smell the BS cookin'... Point is; you know the truth at that point. Just because someone might have lied to you a little more; it doesn't make their friendship, love, or supposed compassion for you any more blatant than the next person... It's still lies. Yet, so many women LOVE the blue pill when it comes to relationships...and that's plain fukkin' sad. You ain't gotta front for me...Your name ain't Pharrell. Woman up- You ain't gotta act like your feelings weren't hurt...Hell, mines was... I even got so ugly about it I told the man he could crash, die and burn in hell for all I cared... I had to ask Lord to forgive me for that.. but when you really love someone; certain things will take you there... Here I had 4 years of history only to find out he was either doing the most.. or this broad was lying to me about being with my supposed "man"... Regardless of which it was, Homeboy had an opportunity to correct this problem months ago. You don't have to try to make your story sound more valid than my evidence, proof, and truth... That is something little girls do. Where is your evidence homegirl...? Right... you don't have any. Just a mouth piece, putting 24's on it doesn't make it any better; fact is lies have been told... You don't have to act hard... No need to scream on the rooftop whatcha feelin' about it... fact is... YOU know the truth about who Nikki is... whether you opt to believe it or not. If you're done with the situation be done with it... and move the heck on. No need to make up things to look good... Nobody looks good in situations like that.

Did I love that man? God knows I did, with all my heart; It hurt like hell to go through this with him of all people... but I would never love him more than I love myself.. nor enough to live a lie. I can be a fool for love... but not a damn fool. I'm going to need some folks to Woman-up in 2007.(Thanks Taressa)

"I ain't never been a silly ho..."

Silly Ho- TLC