Monday, July 9, 2007

The Saga Continues...

So what does the heffa do??? Exactly what I knew she would. Had her ass up in the club... Yep, like she ain't got nobody to pay. *smh* See this is why I feel no remorse for what I did. For what reason do I need to have a little mercy on you for again...? Please, it isn't happening, you're completely disregarding the look of broke-ness. You are also trying my intelligence, and disrespekkin' me by coming up in there lying like you so in the hole and can't pay nothing... yet you can find the time to actually be concerned about going to the club? I mean I am all for a good time, but when I am SERIOUSLY that broke, the club is the last thing on my mind. Then again, maybe that's why she comes in those 7th rate outfits. Anyway, she comes up in there with her other little girl friend... now mind you she(the other girl) speaks to me, but yet ol' girl can't seem to even make eye contact. She seems like she wanna stand where my other homegirl is, but realize I'm there too, and I ain't finta move neither. So she move up and keep talking with her friend.. and says not a word to me.. not that I care anyway... I was busy dancing with my club boyfriend So what puts whipped cream and a cherry on top of the evening? Well it's the last song, and it's time for folks to make their way to the exit... So me the homegirl and of course everyone else start walking up the stairs and we get near the area where my friend had to walk to get to her vehicle and what does the "silly ho" wanna do? She gone sit up and ask my homegirl... "Are you going to come with me to court on the 8th of August?" She makes light of it and tells her yeah- uh huh, and she keeps on talking about, "I gotta be there at 10:45..." Looking all stupid and drunk apparently... So my friend says to me... "Let's go the other way because she acting really stupid, and it ain't even all that serious. She just called me the other day and claimed she understood why you did what you did.." I simply said.. "Girl ain't nobody studying her..." So I'm laughing because first of all dumbass, it's the 9th of August, so have your ass there on the correct day, and secondly, what does she need to assist you there for? YOU are the one who owes money, not her. I just laughed... and walked away. However I guess she sipped a little too much liquid courage while she was trying to act like she was "scaring" someone, and wanted to do something. Niks stay on her toes, and I was already sobered up, so if we would have had to take it there, which I know she was not ready for- believe I would have been ready. I think the fact that I came right on up to the spot, and acted like it was still whatever pissed her off. Like yep- I filed the papers, and??? B*tch you betta have my money... and besides whatchagonedo? Nothing, because if you was feeling that froggish about it you would have leaped. Bitches that that are poor excuses for women, AKA sorry. She is entirely too old to be acting like that. Sweetie...You do not pump kool-aid through my veins, let alone fear. Keep yapping that mess all the way to the courthouse...'Cause I certainly will see you there at 10:45am sharp on the 9th of August. Good Night folks!!!

"What you wanna do, n*gga? (Nothin')

What you tryin to do, n*gga? (Nothin')

What you wanna do, n*gga? (Nothin')"-

Nothin'- N.O.R.E

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