Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pass The Broom...

So that child can sweep her cracked face up off the floor! Apparently she didn't think I had the nuts to file papers on her ass in the court. She must have gotten served on either Thursday or Friday, because she's been calling everyone who speaks to me, pissed off, saying how she thinks that is fu*ked up and she can't believe I did that. Well I can't believe you didn't have any of the money.. so look at that! Funny thing is while she's calling these people talking mucho grande sh*t; she acts like they ain't going to tell me what she said.

Individual number 1 says she said: "I thought she was okay with me paying her in September.. she said okay"- First of all, when did Nikki insinuate that she would wait 3 more months for you to turn around and say you still don't have it? Exactly, I didn't... Me saying okay prior to hanging up on you, is not a precursor to me being okay with you not having my money or trying to get it until September! You were loud talking and I don't have to tolerate that kind of behavior from a 31 year old woman who owes ME money. I said Okay while you were talking excessively loud, and hung up... As in Okay- I will do what I gotta do.

"She could have told me she was going to do that..."- Does the bank tell you they are going to repo your car if you don't pay them? Hell no, you knew that was a possibility when you signed a promissary note. Dummy. Why should I give you the courtesy anyway? Much sh*t as you talked, then got the nerve to act like I'm wrong for wanting my money like yesterday, when I have been more than nice about the WHOLE situation? B*tch please. You betta get on the good foot like James Brown, and find a way like Tribe Called Quest to get my money.

Individual Number 2 says she said: " She was acting all trifling at the club not speaking to me so I knew she was gonna do something anyway"- Second of all trick... I hadn't even filed papers on you when I wasn't speaking to you in the club. I was simply confirming that I was going to.... Since you can kick it in the club, get your hair done, and bullshyt... Who in the hell are you to speak to anyway? As a matter of fact, you needed to be doing the speaking about how you was going to get my stuff, while you're worried about what I hadn't even got around to do yet. I don't owe you sh*t... Not a smile, not a wave, not a blink. not a glance, not a nod- hell, not even a second thought! The last time I checked, you had backed up into me, given more than enough time to come correct, and now you're bitching because I took action??? *smh* How many ways must you be reminded, that you owe me?

"I could be trifling and just not pay her..." - Is that right? And find a warrant on your ass and a garnishment of your wages broad. So now I am glad I filed them papers because now I know what type of hoe I'm dealing with. I'm dealing with a trifling, no moral having, un-ladylike, drunk, broke azz hoe; who refuses to accept the cards she dealt herself, and now wants everyone (who apparently ain't) to join her in this pity party she keep trying to throw herself. You did the crime, and now it's time to pay the piper. Now all she needs handle that, the rest of the yip-yap is irrelevant, and we don't ever need to talk again(not that I want to anyway) once it is said done and the court makes a decision. She is entirely too trifling for my taste. Funny thing is.. from what I hear, even her dude told her she dead wrong.Now how about that?

You all wanna know the funny thing? When I initially went to the court to file the papers, the legal advisory guy broke it down to how with that promissary note alone, I could have her getting her license suspended, and run her azz in the ground. And yet to think, I was being nice.. simply saying I just want my money to fix my bumper. Now that I know what kind of person she is.. I should have been spiteful and hooked her up with the green light special... But that's not ladylike... Anyhow, I cannot believe this low-budget ass broad. *smh* She can't be serious. You might see me in the streets but shawty you don't know me...

"Girl you better gimme that money.. Whoo!!!"

- Got Your Money- ODB

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