Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Acting A Fool... To Get Results.

You know.. sometimes you just have to act a damn fool to get results. Today in the midst of all the extra nonsense i'm going through, I decided to write a letter to the president of the beauty school I attend-to let her know just how damn disgusted I am by the way things are at the academy. How trifling I thought it was that this school has been remodeled, yet we didn't have any towels that looked like they were worth a damn! I went off about how it makes no sense that the supplies we need we have( like developer, bleach, toner, q-tips, and things that we BASICALLY need...)we have to come out of our pockets for when the school SHOULD BEEN HAD supplied them. I snapped about these ignorant teachers who ask me how to do procedures... Excuse me? Don't you have a license??? I plain went smooth the hell off. What was the result? We are going to be getting new stuff, and the supply condition will get fixed because Nicole will write state board if you don't. That's what the result was. I got a phone call and Ms. Lynell was a kissin' on the booty because she know she don't want that boo-boo hole got into by the board and that school will lose it's accredation on this BS they trying to pull. I payed 12 grand and I need 12 grand worth of sh*t.. So since changes needed was being noted.. I needed one more change while I was on a roll, and had her, the head manager, and head teacher on the phone... I asked why in the hell is it I am at a zero balance, done with my minimum requirements, theory hours, and things outside of mock board and I am being held at the stagnate attendance pace of 25 hours per week for my last 400 hours? Why can I not attend the 35-40 maximum hours a week permitted so I can get the fuck on??? I decided to go for the gusto and asked that question, while obviously pissed and the result...? I can come in early. With that in place I'll be graduating in 10 weeks instead of 16.(Sorry Robin...I gots-ta go) They prolly just wanna get rid of my ass though... Like let's hurry up and get this bitch up out of here before she cause any more ruckus. My ass will cause a movement, and a riot up in that muthafukka. Screw that.. people pay entirely too much money to deal with this kind of crap. I was actually getting heated, and hyped up while writing the letter... So I knew I needed to make it an impact-filled one. Sharon, I know we should have done this before you left.. but hey, this was for not only me, but the new booty's.. and the future new booty's. Bay Vista going to need a picture section called "Pioneers of Change" and my picture will be up there.. sitting in a big wicker chair.. or maybe the one with the glass and rose on the side... and my face in it... Lookin' all dignified and sh*t.

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