Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Problem With Minimum Wage...

As a lot of you know I am currently working part time to pay my bills, as my rent is paid anyway. I am at a job where they want you do do a lot of work for a little bit of pay... AKA a minumum wage job. They want you to hustle, move quick, zippity-do-dah, do this that, and that too all day, while paying you $7.50 and expect you to keep a smile on your face and be kosher with it. Mutha-fukka please, when I am done at the end of the day, this shit don't even cover my light bill. You're asking someone who is used to getting paid 20+ an hour technically to sit and do "nothing"- to do what? Actually bust a sweat? Work for real? Shit- you hired the wrong one. I do what I was told I was hired to do(put shit back), and that's it. Some of you are probably asking well why don't you get on of those jobs again? Well, as you may know sending a resume and for real job hunting take a lot of research and work. Then after you submit a resume, you play the game called "waiting" and until then, you've got to do something. Which is why I am in school so I don't have to look for nothing but clientele... nobody will determine what I am payed but me. Meaning, you need to and already should know that Nikki would never want to make a place like a grocery store a lifetime career. If you thought so.. please remove yourself off my friends list, and I will certainly remove myself from yours. Hells-naw.

So anyway back to the issue with it I have. Now today I was trying to have a decent day- as I have yet to go a full week without missing a day simply because "I do not feel like being there"... So I am putting things away and I handed a co-worker who is cool something that needed to be placed on his side, and as usual he has no issue... took them, but this other fool gonna sit there and say to him- "You need to make sure they put it back themselves, so they learn where things are..."

I turned around and said,"Excuse me?"

He says, "You need to put it back... Because you need to know where it's at."

I said (yes I did...), " First of all, if you got something to say about what I'm doing, you say it to me. I know where the hell it goes. Secondly, I have a cart full of sh*t to put back- with no help- So, if he had a problem or an issue with me handing him those damn lemons that he would have said it. That is a grown ass man."

So of course he wants to attempt to make sense of what he's saying.. "Well you have to make sure you know where it goes.."

I said, " I know where it goes, I gave him the bag because he don't mind putting them back if I give it to him... if he had a problem putting it back, he's a grown man, I am sure he would let me know if there was a problem. Don't mess with me. Today is not the day." So I went to put some other stuff away and had to come right back to that area, at that point I could have cared less if I got fired on the spot. That is how heated I got about him saying something that petty to me on this Saturday...I commenced to let his ass know something else- I said, "I ain't none of these 16 years old kids up in here... I don't know who in the hell you think you're talking to.. but I am not the one. I am a 25 year old fucking woman- with a child. This job ain't paying me that much to be going through all that, and this "job" ain't that serious to me neither. Got me and the game twisted." and walked the hell off. Bet he ain't say nothing else to me all day, and I meant every word of it. He had to pick his face up off the floor, and get the chips from the crack up. He thought he was telling someone else something, and instead got TOLD. Can we say embarrassed?

So this same day, I am done doing what I had to do, and what do they want to do? Make busy work... talking about can I check for trash? Whoever is doing carts is supposed to be doing that sh*t... They don't jump up and go through all these fucking go-backs and help me do my damn job. I ain't about to pull out 50 carts looking for nothing- if there is nothing for me to do.. I will clock out and GO HOME. Why don't they understand that this job is not that serious to me? Boy, they better pray LaQuanda don't hire me for this assistant position.. because if she only need 2, 8 hour days.. I am AUDI 5000. That's more hours and prolly more pay anyway.

So, that's how I feel about a low paying job. Fuck 'em. When you're getting paid correctly, you're probably a lot more likely to bite your tongue on things...however comma this ain't that job. On that note- I'm about to go eat. Hell-to-the-naw.

"Get the Fuck Back..."

Ludacris- Move Bitch

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