Sunday, May 20, 2007

Please STFU... Vol..2

You want to know what kind of person absolutely gets on my nerves? The type that SERIOUSLY thinks that their opinion is the only one that is valid- therefore, has to be the only one that matters. I just really can't stand when people are talking and everyone else is happy or excited about something and that one person just has to come and attempt to piss on their parade by saying something stupid or off-color. They do this just because they don't have anything in the range positive, to contribute. These are usually people who are insecure, or never really have anything positive going for themselves so they feel that they need to drag your day down too. However comma, Nikki's got news for you... regardless of what you think I walk on toilet tissue, because I'm the sh*t. If I don't feel that way about me.. who else will??? Nothing you think nor say will dampen my day, nor get me in such a petty mood that I feel the need to spoil someone elses day. That's just pitiful... I really can't stand when they swear to Goodness that they are the expert of something, and if you don't do it the way THEY think it should be done.. it won't be as good. There are times I want to say Who in the fu*k died and made you 'King/Queen of what's best'? I really wish folks like that would go somewhere and get a life. Find a pot to piss on, or plain stay the hell away from me, and others topics of discussion unless you have something nice, positive, or funny to contribute. Please back the fu*k up.. and off. Or how about a nice warm mug of shut the fu*k up? huh? Yeah.. sip it slowly.. it'll keep you quiet longer. *smh*

"Fu*k 'em... Fu*k 'em"- Martin Lawrence

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