Monday, May 21, 2007

Have You Whipped Your Kid's Ass Today???

You know I am not an advocate of child abuse or beatings for no reason... But I am an advocate for a good ass whipping when necessary. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have ran across folks with children who plain need a good ass kicking to straighten them out. People come up with these bullsh*t excuses about whipping your children... Oh that'll stunt their growth.. they will be unsociable if you do not let them do what they want. I got my ass beat and turned out fine. I knew better than to go to someone's home and climb all over their furniture like I didn't have no damn sense... I knew when to sit my ass down somewhere, I knew better than to touch something that didn't belong to me without permission, and you better believe I knew to keep my ass out of grown folks conversation... I have a few examples of acts that let others know that THIS kid doesn't get ass whippings at home...

1) Cutting a fool in public. Now there was two things I wasn't going to do while my mama was in public. Piss on myself and throw a fit (Cut a fool) in public. That was like asking for a butt tappin'. You done embarrassed her in public, and still didn't get what you wanted. Tsk tsk.

2) Talking to adults like you pay bills. There were 2 things you were told to do when you were the only child in a room full of adults. 1. Shut-up, and 2. don't speak unless spoken to. Now I am not saying a child shouldn't be able to speak.. oh no... talk if you can, but talking crazy is an indication of the infamous ass whipping not being administered at home. Children should know their place, and know when to shut what we call 'the fuck up'. If you pay no bills- contribute nothing to the household, but another mouth to feed- THEN you need to be quiet when adults are conversing and the conversees (I just made a word up) didn't ask for your input. Some kids seriously don't know when to quit. Apparently this is because they cross this line with their parents constantly and ain't never had no consequences to pay like being popped in the lips so hard they sting for 3 weeks.

The side note to this one is the parents who kill me acting like their kids know better If they knew better they wouldn't have done it... They get away with it all the time with your non-diciplining ass. Your name ain't Pharell- so don't front.

3)Touching sh*t. My mama and other folks used to tell me If you can't pay for it if you break- it don't touch it. That was some golden advice and pretty self explainatory. Why is it parents have a hard time explaining this to their children today?

Either way these are just some basic things I find VERY annoying in other folks kids. Well what about my daughter- you ask??? She does none of the above because she knows that ass can and will get tapped. She may not be here with me now, but when she's home you better believe she knows what's up. She knows Mama don't take no mess, and mama ain't going for the bull she may wanna try to pull. When my child trys to act like she's someone elses child, I let her know immediately and on the spot she better put that problem back where she picked it up from. I don't play with children because I am not a child. Fun and games is what it is, but otherwise a child should know at all times when to STOP. It shouldn't take talking nicely.. bribery.. or threats for them to understand that 'no' means no.. do not touch that means just that.. and 'you better watch who the hell you're talking to means watch your damn mouth. However comma I am going to blame the parents as well... you need to get on your J-O. Kids think they run something because you're not running your damn household with some order and/or authority. If scaring the bejeezus out of your kids makes them act right- then so be it. Kids have no place acting stupid in public- telling you what the hell they ain't gonna do- nor talking to other adults like they are in their age range. Then want to look at me crazy when I check your child- or call your child "BAD". Get on your job as a parent and raise them bebe azz kids.. Half the stuff I see these kids get away with today- I'd be in a cast layed up somewhere, and the police wouldn't give a fuck. *smh* Todays society is sad, and we wonder why these bad ass kids have no respect for anyone, or anything- even themselves. Sick-sad-shame...

So.. I say to you... Help save society and whip an ass. Goodness knows a lot of them need one!!!

Added May 25th Classic saying:

I'll beat you like your mama need to... or I'll beat you like your mama won't.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Please STFU... Vol..2

You want to know what kind of person absolutely gets on my nerves? The type that SERIOUSLY thinks that their opinion is the only one that is valid- therefore, has to be the only one that matters. I just really can't stand when people are talking and everyone else is happy or excited about something and that one person just has to come and attempt to piss on their parade by saying something stupid or off-color. They do this just because they don't have anything in the range positive, to contribute. These are usually people who are insecure, or never really have anything positive going for themselves so they feel that they need to drag your day down too. However comma, Nikki's got news for you... regardless of what you think I walk on toilet tissue, because I'm the sh*t. If I don't feel that way about me.. who else will??? Nothing you think nor say will dampen my day, nor get me in such a petty mood that I feel the need to spoil someone elses day. That's just pitiful... I really can't stand when they swear to Goodness that they are the expert of something, and if you don't do it the way THEY think it should be done.. it won't be as good. There are times I want to say Who in the fu*k died and made you 'King/Queen of what's best'? I really wish folks like that would go somewhere and get a life. Find a pot to piss on, or plain stay the hell away from me, and others topics of discussion unless you have something nice, positive, or funny to contribute. Please back the fu*k up.. and off. Or how about a nice warm mug of shut the fu*k up? huh? Yeah.. sip it slowly.. it'll keep you quiet longer. *smh*

"Fu*k 'em... Fu*k 'em"- Martin Lawrence

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Things I Have Learned About Life...

Here are a few things I have learned about me over the past few months... even though some are not new to me at all.. It's become more BLATANT.

1. Old people can be really big assholes sometimes. Though the majority of the time they are sweet. This lady thought I was the one with the vision issue when she asked how much something costs because she thought it was 29 cents... Man do you know I had to walk her old ass over to the spot and SHOW her upclose and personally... that NO-it's a buck fifty nine. She got all sh*tty about it and was like "Well I guess i'm gonna have to get my money back!"... I was looking like... So The Fuck what... Do I look like I care if you buy that or not? Uh No.

2. I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. There has been a slew of stupid things happening in my life lately... and I had to realize life itself sometimes just gets stupid.

3. Nothing ever goes how it should go. My brakes were squeaking when I was drivng. So praying with fingers crossed.. hoping it would only cost me replace it and just do what needs to be done... what do I have to pay? 560 got-damn dollars! Rotors had cracks in them, and it was pointless to try and resurface them. So I had to pay for that out my ass.

4. Some days I am seriously just TIRED. These are the days that I don't want to talk. I have nothing much to say... and I don't wanna talk about it. I'm just tired. Some people act like you don't have a right to just be tired sometimes. It has to be contributing factors... or a REASON why you're tired... You know with all the pressures one has to deal with in life.. plus school.. plus bills. etc etc you just get tired, and all you want is a little peace. Let me have my peace when I need it that's all I'm sayin'.

5. No matter how much you pout about stuff It don't matter... It will happen when it's supposed to. I have done a lot of ranting and raving about certain things, but one thing I have learned to do in life is just chill. When you kick back and let stuff flow the way it's supposed to.. it goes by so much easier. What's meant to happen will- in it's own time.

6. Being pissed/bitter/upset doesn't change anything. You've got to change the attitude...There are lessons in life to be learned... And sometimes that learning is not from a distance, but from live up-close interaction. Let life show you what it's got to show you. Do not be pissed off at it. Don't be bitter about it. Take what is supposed to be taught- as you will now have the tools to make better/wiser choices later. As for self.. I am learning to manage my money better- God knows I should have while I was in the service, but hey it is what it is.. some people don't learn how at 40. Some are learning it's not the men who approach her that make them "dogs"... It's her ALLOWING them to approach her. Listen closely because this is golden... Life will beat you over the head with a lesson until it is learned. Ever notice how many people are stuck in the same rut going through the same thing over and over- then got the nerve to complain about it??? You can keep doing the same thing expecting different results. (think about it)

Of course I have more pearls to share.. but will do that at a later time... until then.

"Living my life like it's golden.. Living my life like it's golden..."- Golden- Jill Scott

P.S. Happy Mothers Day folks.