Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ma'am.. It's A Beauty School...

You know what absolutely works the little nerve in the back of my head? When people come to the beauty college expecting professional results. I mean come on... What part of school didn't you understand? Or maybe that little waiver at the bottom of the service slip stating that it's a learning institution wasn't enough? This lady came in today talking about she needed a relaxer retouch, and flat iron and to be out of there by 8 pm. Mind you she didn't get started until about 5:45pm... It wasn't my client but you know I will just say the individual who was assigned this task, wasn't going to be moving like that. In the end she ended up having to just pull it in a ponytail with lots of gel... because she had somewhere to go. Oh well... Now as for myself... I got an older lady in her 50's... pretty decent person- Got the majority of her sense... but a little too damn picky to be at a school trying to get professional results. So she wanted an updo for a wedding she had to attend tomorrow. Now ever since Ms. Gayle showed me the extra gravy, I been able to and can do a pretty fly french roll... I ain't never said I was the greatest because hey.. I'm still in school. But she got a french roll with spiral curls at the crown... This style came out pretty damn nice, and I am not just saying it to say it. Mind you she had no relaxer... then, she didn't want the stuffing to make the roll full... also keep in mind also that gray hair is really resistant... BUT I still made it do what it do... Ms. Gayle even came thru and ensured it was the best it was gonna be... So what does she do? She want to complain talking about she's not impressed with how the curls will stay, saying they may not stay and she wants them really tight... as if she had sat under a dryer Lady, you are getting thermal curls... They are not going to last like a wet set would. Hell, if you really want to keep it real... You're walking out of here with a $65.00 hairstyle, that looks like you paid the $65.00-But you only had to pay $25.00...Because it's just a school!!! I could have done a half assed job on her head, and charged to to the "it's a school" excuse -game, but I made sure her stuff was on point and lookin' fly....And she still got the audacity to complain??? So I let her know the most I can do is curl it and pin curl them up so you can take them down when you're about to go tomorrow. Even there still that's supposed to cost extra. All I am supposed to do is curl it and then you can pin it up yourself at home. So she's satisfied with that... Then wants to be taking all my fridays up coming in every friday to get her hair done; Now, I don't have a problem with that, but I don't want to hear fussing and bitching every time she come in. Like.. oh make sure you press that, or it's sticking up here.... CHICK- I see the shit... let me do my job thank you. If you want super-professional results carry yourself to Hair Undergroud right up the way, Nina will hook you up... or Hair Ballers 'round the corner..LaQuanda is the shiznit at this...

Now a moment for some comic relief... How about the other day this lady came in to get a ponytail put on her head and when she walked in I looked right past her because her hair was so short... I thought she was coming in for someone to curl it up. But she had her hair ready and was ready; like.. I have an appointment to get the ponytail... I just busted up laughing all in that womans face. But she was so sincere about this ponytail... So the lady sits in my chair, and her hair length is all of an inch around her whole head and she had the nerve to want a damn ponytail. So as I am there shampooing this lady's head, I am praying to myself, and wondering just how in the hell I am gonna pull this sh*t off. So I take her back to my station.. blow dry her hair and commence to trying to get this hair in a "ony-tail" to make it into a ponytail. So she started trying to show me how she does it talking about "You gotta gather all this stuff up, and pull it tight" I'm thinking to myself HAHAHAHAH- ALL THIS STUFF? CHICK, DO YOU NOT SEE THAT YOU AIN'T GOT NO HAIR!?!?!" So I am struggling trying to gather these flowing locks, while fighting bouts of laughter, and put them in this rubber band, and the rubberband is just slipping and sliding and saying 'oh hell no.' So I finally get the nublet to stay put by sneaking up on it yelling 'GOTCHA!" and tying the rubberband ultra-fast. Then, I had to slick the hell out of the rest of the hair to make it look like it all went up in this ponytail. So next comes the great trick of getting the track to stay on this little anchor. She want to complain about the pins sticking her.. I'm like this has to stay! Sorry, but we gotta get this in here... and after about four attempts and it coming off, I finally got it to stay put, though I know that track was holding on for dear life... I flat ironed her ponytail, and put some waterfalls in it, and it turned out just fine... but only we know the struggle I had to endure getting it to stay... Everyone and they mama kept asking how I did it because they saw that little gist of a ponytail I had to start with. It looked similar to a 6 month old's ponytail. That day Ms.Gayle dubbed me "Not only a beautician, but a magician" She also dropped a few pointers on the next time someone with 3 strands of hair comes in wanting a ponytail- how to make a bigger stump and everything. If I didn't know how to do a ponytail then, I sure do now, and definitely got some comic relief on the way out. JEEZUS!

"I got's to breathe... PLEASE, back up off of me"

Please- Toni Braxton

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