Saturday, May 20, 2006

Back the fuCk up...

BTFU 1) Now, I know I was very new... There was a guy who worked with us who was about to leave. Now we spoke what 3 days... Not enough for me to want to drop my lunch hour to pitch in on a party. These mofos want to buy pizza to say bye to him.. I'm looking like oh that's great see ya when I see ya. I'm going to lunch. Now the supervisor has it locked in her mind, everyone is going to just stay there and eat pizza for lunch. I'm looking like... I KNOW she ain't just try to plan on my lunch hour... I'm serious.. She on the phone with one of the dudes like.. just order enough for everyone, and I just said, I do't do pizza... not messing my diet up. I'm like 'well I don't want pizza thank you'... 'Well we can order you a salad'... I was trying to be polite and let her know, I don't want that either thank you, I am taking my lunch. She like, 'but such and such is leaving'. In the back of my head I was thinking AND??? I don't even know that dude... ANYWAY the point is...You don't plan on my lunch hour. For all you know I had some afternoon di*k to get...Made a lunch date with an old Navy friend.. you don't know. Ask before trying to commit people. What part of I am leaving.. TAKING my lunch hour away from here are you not comprehending??? Jeezus!

(BTFU 2) Don't you hate it when you bring your lunch in at work and folks who not on they lunch break want to sit up and talk to you about work sh*t??? It's annoying as hell and will get you ignored, cursed out, and looked at like your stupid. Hell, sometimes a combo of all 3.

I'm about to sit down and enjoy my Rubios and this fool want to go off in wanderland talking about sh*t that can wait until 1 o'clock when his azz comes back from lunch, hell you'll still have 2 hours to go when you get back. I am doing everything in my power to let him know nicely, look I don't really care about that sh*t until after 12 thanks. Looking online, picking up the cell phone-- making calls. And what kills it is he kept reinterating "I know you're on your lunch".. Ok then why in the blue fu*k are you still talking??? WHY did you even start??? Is this vital to someones life??? Am I going to die if I hear it 2 hours later??? No.. then leave me alone... DAMN!

So, why are you interrupting my lunch to talk to me about some work bullsh*t? I'd prefer that if you talking to me about something about work, you wait until I am off lunch. Just because I am sitting at my desk eating my food, doesn't mean I am in a rush to talk about work that needs to get done. It means I am just sitting there eating, and then if I finish before, I want to relax for a moment before I have to start working 'for real' again.... We'll talk about that nonsense when you get back. DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! I will solve this though.. I'm going to just start not coming back until 11:58 hits.

(BTFU 3) I understand some programs I am new to, but I am not new to how to cut and paste, and search... Please do not tell me how YOU do things.. I don't really care, as long as it gets done correctly, that's all that matters. Don't really care what you think looks "tacky" when done like this or that... Don't really care about being too "personable" with people. You think they care about that and their sh*t is broken? Let me handle mines and get it done MY WAY & correctly. Long as it gets done, that's all that matters....Thank you. Then, I hate when people panic about sh*t they have no control over. please get away from me with that panicky stuff... Nobody wants to get their tail reamed, but until they can do the job what can you do??? Besides work on it and figure out what the problem is. That's the fantastic part about technology... IT'S NOT PERFECT!!!! If it was, we wouldn't be working DUH!. Granted I work with a set of cool folks, but I can already tell I am going to have to put some "let it be known"-ness things set forward. Don't talk at me like I have no idea of what I am doing when you can't even get the connection set-up, yet I can and I am "new". Rebooting a system over and over is not going to fix it. Understand that I am new to your company.. not new to my job.

Oh well, well see how week 3 goes. This past week was quiet until Friday.. our "boss" decided to come in and "help" me do a job. I really wasn't expecting her to play tag-along, but you should have seen the salty look on her face when I said was driving my own car to the other place... She was like.. Well we can drive together if you don't want to drive your own care.. yadda yadda.. I'm like No, I'd prefer to drive my own car thanks. I really just didn't feel like talking to her the whole way there in that dusty company truck. I wanted to hear some reggae and chill on my way to do some work. Funny thing is she ain't even know what she was doing while she called herself "helping"... Go-figure. I was looking like, I didn't need you to come and pace and panic.. If you are looking for me to do that, you hired the wrong person... I know this stuff is not 100 eliable. All I can do is, what I can, and troubleshoot from there. You can't expect someone to call last minute and expect things to work properly, when a system is not being used frequently, or even often. DUUUUHHHH 2. Back up off me. Thank you.

"Maybe we need some time alone... We need to let it breathe" - Blu Cantrell "Breathe"